Improves indoor air quality

The fresh-r brings fresh air into your home for a healthy indoor air quality.


Powerful and ultra-quiet

World’s most powerful, ultra-quiet — 30dB(a) — decentral ventilation system with heat recovery.


No filter replacement needed

The heat exchanger filters the air and can be rinsed with water.

Refresh your energy bill

Can save even more then 25% on your energy bill and pays for itself within 7 years. With its highly efficient and patented heat-exchanger, the fresh-r keeps heat in during winter, while keeping your home cool in summer.

In winter the outgoing stale air heats up the incoming fresh air thru an innovative heat-exchanger. During the summer period the outgoing stale air cools down the incoming fresh air.

Energy waste




No supply ducts creates more living space and keeps planning and installation basic.

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All hardware is provided for simple and complete installation, no supply duct required.

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Indoor air quality is continuously improved at optimum efficiency.

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Reduce energy usage

Help to reduce global CO2 emission by choosing the fresh-r ventilation system with its highly efficient heat exchanger. In the lifetime of the fresh-r, it can save up to the equivalent of 140.000 car km of C02 emission produced by a modern petrol car.

This video explains the basics of a zero energy house and healthy indoor air quality. In an airtight house, the fresh-r HRV (heat recovery ventilation) can save even more then 25% of the energy bill.

Passive House Explained

Designed to blend in

The in-the-wall design is flush with the inner wall and is mainly used for newly built homes. The elegant on-the-wall version can be installed in any type of house and delivered in any colour.